Campbell Zip Hoodie

The Campbell Zip Hoodie is a double layered, multi-color-toned, classic zip hoodie in 100% Mongolian 2-ply Cashmere. Contrasting colors are featured along the lining of the hoodie, wrists, and waist.

The garment features double zippers from top and bottom and is named after Mr. Campbell, a long-haired transplant San Franciscan. He once road a skateboard 10 miles holding a pug and smoking a corn-cob pipe. The quality of this piece, like the character it represents, is stunning! Perfect for all seasons, either layered with a blazer or worn completely naked (we don't judge).

Comfortable and casual yet warn to dinner and cocktails. Silicon Valley meets Williamsburg meets cashmere! 
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Goal - 85 Items
Pledged - 40 Items
Price - $225
Color - Charcoal/Gray
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